Could administrators pre-populate profiles?

So, we already have a community, and know a lot about the community. Have asked them to fill-out a profile, etc…

Could we use that info to pre-populate profiles and then invite individuals to accept/edit their profile and join the community?

Lets say. Once I finish creating one profile, I send the person an e-mail letting them now of the new discussion space and their new profile, give them, username, password, ask them to join, and then let them do whatever they want with their profile.


You could, but it would be pretty time consuming. You can verify their email without them and change all their profile information as an admin.

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It would be nice to be able to update user settings with a csv upload, to fill details for users with matching emails.

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You can send invites but invites can’t be populated with that much information – only name, email, the basics.

In theory the invite system could be enhanced to support this.