Could embedded comments allow discussion on the page where they are embedded?

It would make Discourse a great comment provider. I’ve been looking around for commenting scripts so I can embed comments on all my sites but none of them offer what I’m looking for. They’re either anonymous in the sense that they don’t require account sign up. If the site is something like Wordpress that includes commenting, I can use that but it would require each user to register an account on every site and different platforms will work differently. Then moderating the comments will require going to every site.

I went with Discourse because users can sign up once and then they can comment on every site. It would be much better if discussions could take place on the site directly. Adding this might boost the popularity.

I don’t know how easy this would be or if it’s a priority. I’m throwing this out to see if anyone feels the same way and whether this is a realistic possibility.

We have been strongly opposed to this in the past, so if that is a hard requirement you should definitely look elsewhere.

Lots of previous discussions on this here if you search.

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It’s nothing strong. It would be really cool to have that ability.

Would implementing it as a plugin be relatively easy if I decided to add that functionality myself?

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The part that you cannot have is being able to participate in the discussion without leaving the wordpress sites. You can embed the discussion on WordPress, but users will move to discourse to add comments.

If what you want is a single login for all sites, that’s doable.

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