Could not find module ember addons

I’m using an open source plugin that used to work perfectly a few months ago, however it’s broken now. I keep getting the following error, each time I press the plugin’s ‘core’ button:


I came across this post:

However, as stated by a team member, (not to mention it’s in 2019 when the plugin worked), there is an alias to automatically load the decorator instead. The plugin’s repo was last commited to in 2019. Do I need to update the node_module??

I would greatly appreciate some support.

Which open-source plugin are you having trouble with?

The alias Mark mentioned has now been removed (it has been printing a deprecation warning for years), so that’s why it’s now causing an error.

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I’m using the following: GitHub - buildthomas/post-approval: Implements the community post approval procedure and tools for the Roblox Developer Forum

Interestingly, after searching the source code, I cannot seem to find any use of ember-addons

I see a couple of uses here:

These will need to be updated to point at discourse-common/utils/decorators


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