Could the undelete flow be improved?

Here’s the flow right now as far as I can tell

  1. Type reply
  2. Post it
  3. Realize something is wrong
  4. Delete it so no one responds to the wrong message
  5. Now you want to fix it but there’s no way to pick edit and undelete

Instead you have to pick undelete as a separate action which means people start immediately responding to the message you were trying to fix while you take 5 to 10 minutes to edit the message.

That seems like just being able to pick edit on a deleted message and having the the submit/reply button be effectively undelete would lead to better discussions.

I suppose someone will tell me users should just make a new reply but I wouldn’t expect the average user to guess that workflow. I’d expect them to undelete and edit which seems to lead to derailed discussions.

Why not just edit the post? Why do you have to delete it? I am having a hard time following what I would post that is so traumatically wrong that I must delete it instead of simply editing it.

There is also a 5 minute default grace period on all edits, of course.