Could you please upload the basic installing tutorial video for Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

I’m new to the azure, its hard for me to install the iscourse in azure even I can’t understand your written tutorial. some of the command is not working.

Have you done a search on youtube? I can see a few that might help you to some extent (but given they are not created by the Discourse team YMMV).

Rather than asking someone to produce an entire video, perhaps detailing your specific issues might get you to the solution quicker?

I trust you are following this?:


How to setup Discourse on Azure I follow these step when i create tej swap I facewhen i the issue
create the [SwapFaq - Community Help Wiki]

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Any ideas on this @blake?


I don’t know where the command Get-AzureRmEffectiveNetworkSecurityGroup came from, but you don’t need the instructions in the SwapFaq link to setup swap, you should follow the swap instructions in How to setup Discourse on Azure.

Specifically did you edit /etc/waagent.conf and restart your vm?


Hi blake I stuck with S edit /etc/waagent.conf i am new to ubuntu and azure I can’t find the path or file could you suggest me where can I find the path or file to edit this

No worries I’ll try and walk you through it…

Above you are using “Run Command Script”. This won’t work. You will either need ssh access into the machine or you can use the Azure Serial Console from the Azure Portal. You can find the Serial Console by clicking on your VM in the azure portal and it will show up in the left pane at the bottom:


Once you have shell access let me know.


Once you have shell access you can type: sudo cat /etc/waagent.conf (followed by enter) to view the contents of that file.

To edit /etc/waagent.conf per the instructions you can simply copy and paste this entire command:

sudo sed -i '/ResourceDisk.Format=n/c\ResourceDisk.Format=y' /etc/waagent.conf && \
sudo sed -i '/ResourceDisk.EnableSwap=n/c\ResourceDisk.EnableSwap=y' /etc/waagent.conf && \
sudo sed -i '/ResourceDisk.SwapSizeMB=0/c\ResourceDisk.SwapSizeMB=2048' /etc/waagent.conf

then press enter. Then you can restart the vm.


Yes blake it install after that what I need to do.

Okay, I’m not sure what step you are at. Were you able to run the command above to edit the /etc/waagent.conf and did you restart your vm?


Yes i did it. I excute the above comment and restrat it

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Awesome. To verify that the swap has been turned on can you open up the console again and run this command:

swapon --show

Then copy/paste the output into here?

Out of curiosity was is the size of your VM?

If that all looks then you can follow the official cloud install guide starting with the Install Docker section.

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it show the below output

/mnt/swapfile file   2G   0B   -2

Good job. Looks good. Swap should be working. Go ahead and follow the official cloud install guide now.


Hi Blake

Thanks for walk through its working fine. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


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