Install Discourse for Production Environment on Windows Server

How to install discourse in Windows server production environment? i see the document regarding dev environment on windows server. can you please help on this, we are doing some poc on this based on the installation process and ease of installation.

There is no support for installing on Windows for production environments. We only support running on Linux.


Thank you for confirmation. could you please provide the documentation which i can follow for Linux server. and I can host it in AWS S3 bucket also right

You can follow this guide for production installs:

And this one for enabling S3 storage Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 Clones)


Why not use HyperV running Ubuntu?

Now i am trying to install this in Linux server. i have followed the setups but while running this command ./discourse-setup I am getting No such file or directory error in azure Linux virtual machine.

Hi @sundas

Why not first install on a Linux Ubuntu VPS instead of trying to install on a Windows Azure Linux configuration?

You easily get a nice beginning Ubuntu Linux VPS for $10 a month without a contract and you will have much less headache getting Discourse up and running in a Docker container.



i am able to setup and start the setup now i am facing issue with email sending after admin regsitration emails are not coming i have checked the log and its showing name or service unkown. any help.

can’t we do the setup without email? is there any other option without email sending i can setup the account may be via some verification code over text message?

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