Couple Of Questions Before Choosing Discourse for my WP

I am planning to install Discourse on my new business i.e.

Questions →

  1. What I understand is Discourse codes are installed on 3rd party somewhere else, but they are configured with Wordpress → The discussions that will appear on my website will be saved in WP database or on the third party and if they are hosted on the third party then my immediate question is the pages that will be created with the help of Discourse will be live on my website and they will be indexable on Google, Right?

  2. The Second question → what about the security as If I install discourse say on Digital Ocean then will my data there, which will be discussions will that be safe?

  3. If in the case of some day Discourse stops update and discourse become obsolete in few years after stopping the updates then in that case somehow my content could be transferred to some other system say BBPRESS. I am asking these questions because these questions are very important as this is a big decision point to choose the support forum software to avoid future chaos.

  4. Emails such as new reply or your have successfully signed in will be sent through which server, the server where WP is installed or server from where Discourse is installed or perhaps absolute different SMTP’s such as amazon SES, send grid etc?

  5. The last question can discourse be installed on the amazon servers, any idea.

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The blog post is save on your wp database but the comment on the Discourse forum database.
Everytings is indexable by Google ! :satellite:

From Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean adheres to the highest standards when it comes to privacy and data security. Our services comply with stringent EU privacy directives, and we regularly conduct security audits and assessments meeting those requirements. Additionally, the data centers in which we host our servers have various certifications and compliance audits, which you can read about here:

But if you are parano use your own server :mask:

In my case SendGrid, works pretty well ! :sunglasses:

We both know that even in a bad future, if Discourse become obsolete you will never going back to BBPRESS after tested Discourse forum :relieved:. This is why Discourse update will never stop and it will never be obsolete. This is the best (and only the choice) if you want a real support to build a community.

My discourse forum is installed on a VPS at OVH, i’m pretty sure you can do the same with Amazon, but it’s required that you install everythings (self-hosted) !

If you let Discourse host and manage everything for you, your server will be on Digital Ocean :slight_smile:
You have different plan OR the $99 one-time-fee install, which is only $10/month recurring at Digital Ocean !


Thanks, Martial very helpful post. I liked the above → the best one.
I went to the website → where they are giving this configuration in 3.49$ configuration→
OpenStack KVM
1 vCore
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

I think this would be sufficient for a start up like me that has negligible traffic now. It may take up to a year before I can start seeing some significant traffic. Do you think that on the above configuration Discourse can be installed as far as minimum requirement are concerned, once I start receiving the traffic I may move to Digital ocean or perhaps this one →

My website is still under development, but in the meanwhile, I want to set up this forum.
I have installed my WP blog here → → Blog installed through WP multi-installation.

How should we move with discourse?
I mean to say that I want my discussions on this path →

The WP plugin installed for discourse can take care of the above mentioned path or I have to install a separate WP to get the path as stated above.

It’s easier to install Discourse at


Thanks Jay,
Actual I send and email few days back to Neil Patel and he replied that its better to install discourse here → then the option that you have supported. His reason is that this will give more authority to the website in terms of google search engine and thus, more organic traffic will be derived as the site matures.


It’s a significantly more difficult setup, so… good luck. It’s also not true that subfolder is better for SEO, per Matt Cutts of Google. You can believe who you like, but I am going with Matt Cutts of Google :wink:


Thanks, Jeff, I completely agree with you. It will not create significant issue if we use sub domain.
Additionally, I also belive that managing a sub domain is far easier. thanks for your perspective. this ia very powerful and helpful community.


The Discourse comments that are displayed on your WordPress site are stored in the WordPress database as ‘post meta data’ with the key of 'discourse_comments_raw'. The full conversation is on the Discourse server. The plugin periodically (no more often than every 10 minutes) updates the 'discourse_comments_raw' post meta data to get fresh comments from Discourse.

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I believe this post will be useful for many in future so I am just sharing that discourse is preinstalled on 1and1 and comes free for 1 month that means those who want to try discourse have a fantastic option →

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Keep in mind that this is an unsupported install of an old version.


Thanks I was not aware of this. I think Google Cloud can also deploy the Discourse? what is your Opinion?

Can you please guide me with one thing. Is this configuration sufficient →

Currently, I am a start up so I do not have too much traffic requirement.

Personally, I am bemused by attempts to host Discourse as cheaply as possible from the start.

At the start, I would pay a bit more and join the pack so I’m not the only one with any particular problem. This would free my time to work towards getting all the features and moderation that I need to make my site a success. Even relatively small problems can cost me a day of my time which is a lot when I’m only saving $6.51 ($10-$3.49) a month on hosting.

Only later, once I have a stable and complete system, would I look to get the cheapest provider. At that point where the site is attracting many new users then costs will be increasing. It then becomes much more worthwhile to investigate scale economies.