CPU, Memory and Swap at 100%

Recently, I’ve been getting a HTTP 500 Error on my Discourse forum. I’m hosted on a Droplet with Digital Ocean and checked to see that my CPU, DISK, and Memory are constantly at 100%.

Restarting the droplet seems to fix this issue temporarily and able to access the forums, but unsure what is causing so much stress on the system, as we don’t get a lot of track on the forum.

I went into the console and found that our Memory Swap is also maxed out and I can’t identify what the problem is. Any suggestions on where to look?

Have your forum started getting a lot of user activity recently? If the CPU is consistently being hammered to 100% it could indicate there are a bunch of background items running. What are the Specs of your droplet? have you considered upgrading the droplet to see if that is what you need?


No we haven’t had any surge of users or activity at all. It’s been quite inactive for some time which is why I am puzzled that the droplet is operating at this capacity.

It’s a 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB Disk, which has been more than sufficient when it was initially launched and there was much more user activity.

I’d say maybe try upgrading discourse to latest or dig into the logs to see if you find your problem.

Trying to upgrade the docker manager first but the issue with the server is preventing it from completing (I let it run over the weekend and it still didn’t upgrade.

Edit: Looked at the logs and see some issues:

Try upgrading in the shell:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

upgrading the shell and deleting a bunch of retry tasks in Sidekiq (SSL error with SMTP not matching website) has made it drop drastically.

Now get a new error that I will work on.

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout with #TCPSocket:(closed)

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