Woke up to "too many requests error"

“Due to extreme load, this is temporarily being shown to everyone as a logged out user would see it.”

Whats the fix for this? Im using digital ocean on a 4gb memory, 80gb disk plan.

I refreshed page once and got the warning that the page was being viewed as a logged out user would see. I refreshed the page again and it went away. I dont want issues with it later if its something I can fix now.

This means that page (usually a topic) was getting clobbered by a lot of users, so it switched into high performance anonymous mode for a bit to reduce load.


Thanks. Was worried something more serious was happening,

I’ve been experiencing this recently as well. Our forum is private (you have to be logged in to see any of it) so that “getting clobbered by a lot of users” is not a plausible scenario. We only have a few hundred users in total, and only a fraction of that would visit the site on a daily basis. How else can I troubleshoot this?

This means your server is probably getting overloaded, maybe give it a bit more resources?


Thanks, Sam. It looks like there were two recent spikes of activity:

Not sure why they happened, but I don’t think it’s worth moving to a DO droplet with more resources.


Those spikes are likely backups. You have at least 1gb of ram and installed with discourse-setup so you have swap?


Good thinking! We do have 1 GB of ram. I installed this forum in 2016, using whatever was the recommended method and settings at the time. How can I check if there’s swap?

Edit: I just checked with free and it looks like I have a 2 GB swap file. I thought this was something Discourse-specific, which why asked how to check for it.

Is it worth enlarging the swap file?

If it’s digital ocean, you likely have a 1gb $10/month droplet. You can resize to a 2gb droplet for the same price. That’s what to do first.

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I’m on DO and have a $5 1GB droplet. Resizing to a 2 GB droplet is $10. I’ll consider the upgrade if this keeps happening. Thanks for the tip.

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