Create a "Docs" page like discource meta's

How is the topic display for the Discourse Meta’s Docs page generated?

Is it published as a page?
What about the special formatting at the top, categories and tags?

Thank you!

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It’s a theme component


Just to be clear, the view of our meta docs page is achieved with the previously shared component. But keep in mind, it also requires the Docs plug-in to be installed to work. :grinning:


Thanks ya’ll!

Curious too if there’s a way to (or how hard it would be to create a way to):

  1. re-name the Docs link
  2. create multiple different “docs” types pages with different names and different categories on the same Discourse instance
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You should be able to do that here /admin/customize/site_texts?q=Docs. This will bring up the occurrences of docs within the instance. I think you want to change the first two:


This is not possible.