Discourse Docs Card Filter Component

This theme component is to be used with the Discourse Docs Plugin.

It will allow you to place “Cards” that act as a clickable filter for quicker filter results upon entering the /docs page by your users.

The above would be rendered with these settings in the docs plugin:

Component Settings

You can select custom icons for each category or tag card filter. You can also allow category descriptions to be rendered in the category card filters.


Thanks for building this! Is it the case that if a user doesn’t have view permissions on a (private) category, the card for that private category won’t appear above the search box? (Or I suppose on the sidebar, but just want to confirm the behavior is consistent.)

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This should be the case as we are getting the category info from

  categoryInfo(category) {
    return this.site.categories.findBy("id", category.id);

To my knowledge, this.site.categories will only return those the current user can view.


Excellent. That will make it a real easy-to-use tool for people in our multiple workgroups who want quick access to their group(s) reference materials, and quickly filter our Group A from Group B, etc. Thanks!


Is it possible that the counter on /docs does not count topics moved into that category after it is already created?

I just made a new category, added in docs, moved a few topics but the counter still says “0 topic”.

EDIT: seems it just takes a while to update.