Create a Tag filter like 'Make & Model' on

I’m looking for guidance on how the ‘Make & Model’ tag filter is implemented on the forum. Is this out of the box configuration or is it custom?


You can use this #theme-component to add custom links


Thanks. I do not have access to the preview link above but I do not think you’ve addressed my original question. I’m specifically looking for the CarTalk solution.

I had originally flagged this as solved until I looked into it further. I appreciate the feedback but am still hoping that someone can help with info on how the CarTalk Make/Model drop down filter works.

It appears that a GET REST API call of “community . cartalk . com/cartalk/make_model_tag_groups” is called and returns a JSON string to populate the make and model dependent dropdowns. Is this a custom API call or does discourse automatically create a similar API for all tag groups using that same format?

They’re using a custom plugin for the dropdowns. But in the end they’re just filtering on tag for the model.


Thank You Richard! I am hiring a developer to create that solution and if possible will share the plug-in with the community.

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Richard, do you know if CarTalk is self hosted or are they using the hosted version? I ask because I suspect that the hosted version has more controls over such customizations.

CarTalk is a customer and we authored this customization.

Excellent Falco. Thanks. What will it take for me to get a similar customization authored?

You said earlier

That’s what you would do to get a similar customization authored. If you don’t have a developer already, then you can post in #marketplace.

You’ll need to outline just what it is that you want to be made available in your pulldowns as well as indicate that you have a budget to accomplish the job.


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