Topic list query params

Hello! Routing from the TagDrop and CategoryDrop components seems off to me. They feel like they are filters, but they route you to new pages - for example, if I am on the theme component category and select the development tag, it brings me to I feel like it should be

Same functionality goes for the CategoryDrop when you are on a tag page (I would expect it to bring you to

I added a category and tag header, but they don’t work after filtering with the current routing. I was looking into overriding/modifying the related components, but I’m not sure if it is possible since they are in the select-kit/addon directory.

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Its not a trivial puzzle, cause:


So are you in a transition point between “Tag centric” routing at that point to “category centric routing”

Long term I do wonder if we totally let go of “tag centric” routing and just rely on ?tags=... for all tag filtering of topic lists, cause now the routing rules are just way to elaborate for my liking.

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