Create Admin Account from Console


I have installed discourse on godaddy cloud servers via bitnami.

What is the equivalent command of “cd /var/discourse” for me ?


My admin account has email set as and I am not able to change the email. so i am not getting email in my inbox (off course because does not exist)

Nothing is working, password reset is also use less now.

There is no way to edit email from admin panel.

(Felix Freiberger) #32

The Discourse team can only support the official Docker-based install here – I’d highly recommend that you re-install Discourse using these instructions.


I followed your instruction and now feeling better because things are going smoother than before.


(xXAlphaManXx) #34

Thanks for helping me! :smile:

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(Ryan Bennett) #35

For Bitnami users:

$ cd /opt/bitnami/apps/discourse/htdocs
$ sudo  RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake admin:create
(Jeff Atwood) #36

Note that we only support official Docker based installs here, for the record. Don’t want to confuse people and fragment effort.

(c0ry) #37

Hi, I’m entering the app, entering the rake command, and when I update or create an admin, it doesn’t exist on the forum! Like, I’ve even had my admin try to create an account - and I update it, and it doesn’t work.

The command says the account has been created successfully, or even updated successfully, and still not updating on the back-end. Even if I create a fresh account without admin, it doesn’t even create a normal account on the forum… What am I doing wrong?

ALSO - when I send an admin an activation request to their email to activate their admin status, they don’t receive anything! My emails are configured properly, and have been sending out to my normal users, it’s just when I try to update their permissions, and send out the activation email for advanced permissions.