Create chat channel that requires password to join?

Do you have a plan to create a channel with a password? To access only those who have a password?

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We use category/group permissions to gate access to the chat channels, the same as with categories themselves.

I don’t think we’ve thought about password protected channels. Can you give us more details on how it would be used? :slight_smile:


My forum has many games: detective, investigation, rpg etc… When we play, we need several chats, a chat for the game’s narrator, a chat for the game’s killer or villain, a chat for the normal players! The game took place in the main topic, where participants play and talk, but each game group needs a secret chat to talk to each other to come up with plays in the main game (In topic) and currently, the way Discourse does it is very bureaucratic for the development of the game, if there was a chat with a password, the creation would be MUCH easier and would avoid many holes than in the current version! It’s much more comfortable in the middle of the game you just create a chat and put a password than doing the whole other process that takes a long time.