Multiple custom fields for topics similar to custom userfields

I am fairly new to Discourse and would like to use it for multiple projects. In the last weeks I have setup a couple of instances to play around with it and would like to add some custom functionality which is cruicial for what I want to do with the platform. I already saw that you can add custom fields for users and that there are approaches on adding custom fields to topics like here and here. What I would like to have / what I need is that admins of the discourse instance can create new custom fields just like you can currently do for userfields.
Can someone point me in the right direction on how I can add the settings functionality so users can configure multiple fields so I can render them in the correct place like you would do with a single field?
I appreciate all the help I can get and thanks in advance!

I think you’ll need a plugin.

Can you describe the problem you’re trying to solve rather than your proposed solution?

If they aren’t custom user fields, what kind of custom fields are they? They need to be connected to something. Maybe you want a custom model?

Maybe you want to check out Developing Discourse Plugins - Part 1 - Create a basic plugin. Or if you know something about programming or Rails, maybe look at GitHub - discourse/discourse-plugin-skeleton: Template for Discourse plugins and discourse/lib/plugin/instance.rb at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

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