Adding a User Without Inviting Them

Hi There! We are currently in the process of migrating our forum to Discourse and I am exploring all these admin features in functionalities.

How our community works is that, as soon as members’ application is approved, we create a profile for them first, personalize it, and then send them their log-in details after.

I was just wondering. Is there a way that we can manually add users from the backend without the need to invite them first? That way, we can personalize their profile first before we give them access to log-in.

Thanks in advance!

There might be a better way through the UI, but it’s possible with the API.

Here’s some example code from the Ruby client:


Are you using any kind of single sign-on?

This might do the trick:

Just press n when prompted for Do you want to grant Admin privileges to this account? (Y/n).

What kind of personalization do you want to do?

The API is probably the best solution.