Creating a new topic from a link

Using the link Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 16.20.05 - symbol, we can easily search for an existing topic and link to it without leaving the editor. Sometimes, the topic doesn’t exist yet. Couldn’t there be a way to create a new topic from the link-editor?

I often waatch myself having to open a new tab, create a topic and then copy the URL back into the place I was editing – this could be smoother.

Hey Julian :wave:

I’d be happy to help, but I have trouble understanding your request.

Can you clarify it a bit?

I mean this situation:

At the end of the screen recording, I would like to be able to hit a button “create new topic with this name”, which would insert a link to a new topic.

+1 @telephon for what i think is a feature request:

To formulate otherwise: a new feature could be added: when you highlight a text like this:


The purpose would be to add to the existing quote and share options (sorry, in french in the exemple…): a third option such as: create:

This option would:

  • create a topic whose name is, in this exemple: “open a new tab”,
  • and automatically create a hyperlik on the current highlighted text.

These possibilities are really uselfull indeed, and commonly used in 2nd brain softwares like Obsidian or Roam Research.


The hyperlink search is quite useful but not as comprehensive as a proper search. I think if you’re looking for something you know exists the hyperlink search is really useful, but if it’s a general search to maybe create a new topic the full search is going to be far more beneficial.


In the typical situations of writing and linking between pages, you probably don’t need much more than the fact that a page with this search string in the title does or does not exist (maybe adding a few similar titles).