Fast way to link to existing topic?

When creating a new topic, sometimes I think of an old topic to which I would like to link and currently I am going to find that topic in the search box and then copying the link there and pasting it into my new topic. I know that on Wordpress when I put a link into a post, I’m able to choose between internal links to other posts and pages or choose an external link.

Is there any way to quickly link to an existing topic from within the new topic editor?

I assume this is the Wordpress feature you’re talking about?

We don’t currently have a feature like this, so fastest way would be the method you described using search.

I can see the appeal of the Wordpress feature, as it makes things a little easier (the search box is closer to post content and eliminates the need to copy and paste). I think this would be an interesting way to improve our existing link modal, but we don’t have any plans to do so at the moment.


We do also have a keyboard shortcut for this (if you prefer keyboard over mouse). When typing in the composer, you can hit Ctrl+Alt+f to open search, type your query, use the down arrow () to select the topic you want, and then type a to insert the link into the composer.


Yes, that is the cool ninja hack @sam added :man_superhero: :+1:


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