Creating a staged user with an API call

We currently have a workflow where users submit data by sending an email to a custom incoming email address, creating a staged user and a private message to a Discourse group.

Is it possible to achieve the same workflow using API calls? Basically 1) create staged user, 2) generate API key for that user, then 3) post on that users behalf? I see how to post group messages for existing users using the API docs, but don’t know if steps 1) and 2) are possible currently.


Yes, just create a user via the api. They won’t be “staged” at this point since they actually exist. If they ever need to log in, they can just reset their password.

This is also possible

Here is a rough example of how to create a user, active them, and generate an api key for them.
    def create_user
      user = {
        name: example1,
        email: "",
        password: "ZvAmmkcSWQfsPQLBksg7wK59",
        username: example1,
        active: "false",
        approved: "true",
        approved_by_id: 1,

      new_user = @client.create_user(user)
      id = new_user['user_id']
      uri = URI.parse(@config.full_discourse_url)
      http =, uri.port)
      http.use_ssl = true
      request ="/admin/users/#{id}/generate_api_key?api_key=#{@client.api_key}&api_username=#{@client.api_username}")
      response = http.request(request)
      result = JSON.parse(response.body)

Another option instead of generating an api key for each user is you can just instantiate a new discourse client using the same admin api key and just specify the new username:

client ="")
client.api_key = "a71cb5058c6be27e42806ad788bc7b0008af9c15170d1be1827a24c8e8334107"
client.api_username = "system"

... create user here...

client2 ="")
client2.api_key = "a71cb5058c6be27e42806ad788bc7b0008af9c15170d1be1827a24c8e8334107"
client2.api_username = example1

... create post here ...

I’m trying to avoid creating a full-fledged user account and picking a username. Essentially I want to replicate whatever is happening in the email trigger (‘custom incoming email address’ in the group settings) where the sender’s email address will be ‘staged,’ such that if/when they do register, they’ll be able to claim any messages that were created on their behalf via the email trigger.

Does that make sense? Is there a way to ‘spoof’ an incoming email using API calls? Thanks for all your help!

You might just have to generate an email and send that to your Discourse instance.

EDIT: Actually there is an /admin/email/handle_email POST route that you can send an API request to.


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for!

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