Creating a staged user with an API call

I don’t think they can. They would have to register and update their preferences on that topic or their overall notification preferences.


Are there some docs about this endpoint? I have searched API docs but it is not there.

I am looking for a way how to create topic and assign it to a specific user (by discourse-assign plugin).

And also thinking if API key have to by for user system or I can use some other user with minimal permissions (what are that minimal required?).

Just this post: Creating a staged user with an API call

This is totally doable. Have a look at How to reverse engineer the Discourse API and you will see which endpoint the discourse-assign plugin calls.

Nope does not need to be with the system user. You just need a user with enough trust level to create and assign topics.

Thank you for reply. I understand how to assign specific post, but how to reliably find post just created by the /admin/email/handle_mail endpoint? It also seems to queue received calls, so I will not always find it immediately after the first call.

Correct, that endpoint does not return a topic_id.

Do they HAVE to be staged users? Couldn’t you just create the user via the api and then create a topic? Or are people that don’t have accounts yet going to be emailing that endpoint?

It is for public contact form on different products where each have different merchant. I want to assign topic to the specific merchant and also deny access to topics what does not belong to that merchant.