Creating a topic via email without write access to the category?

I followed Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail for setting up reply by email and it’s working perfect.

However, what I would like to do now is enable creating a topic via email and having all incoming emails to that address go to a category that only admins can see. For example, I would like to create a category calling Incoming Email, have emails post to that category, but only allow seeing those posts if you’re an admin.

The problem is if users send an email to, the email bounces back because they don’t have permission to create topics in the Incoming Email category.

Is there a way to create a category where everyone has write but not read access?

Maybe there’s a better solution/suggestion?

Could you just have the incoming mail go to a Discourse group as a Personal Message instead? (e.g., See the “Custom incoming email address” value in the Group’s admin settings.)


Hi Freddie, I’d like to know if what you have done is something I’m trying to achieve because your post sounds like it…so this is just to clarify.

Is it possible to create a topic via email instead of users having to logon to create a new topic?

Have you read here?