Creating Accounts During a Suspension

Hey there everyone. On my part of discourse town we are having a few issues with a certain user who is constantly breaking the community guidelines. When suspended, they suddenly reappear on a new separate account!

As you can tell, this is incredibly annoying. Is there any way to stop this hoo-haw? Thanks very much.

Topic about this: Current Bullying on the Forums

The topic discusses all of the broken rules and also includes a list of people who agree (40 so far)

Please help us stop this situation, as they have continued to do this since May.


You need to contact staff on your site. We have no authority on the target site.

This is like calling Ford to complain that a Ford Fiesta hit your car. You need to talk to the owner of that Ford Fiesta, not Ford Motor Company.


Ok, thanks a lot!
You are still a leader on the site, though, right? I think technically you’d be allowed to suspend them. (Or maybe that’s an admin thing, I can’t remember)

Many of us have been trying to contact the leaders of the site since May and we haven’t had really any success. Oh well :/

It’s pretty frustrating what goes on, too. Quite unbelievable, actually (I’m assuming you read the list).

Sorry for disturbing you, and thanks for the help! :+1:
Happy New Years Eve!


If they are a car, we are like the car dealership. We can tell the owners how to operate the car, assist the owner in fixing the car when it breaks down, maybe even sell the owner on a newer model of car … but if you have an issue with the way the car is being driven, that needs to be taken up with the owners.

If the owners contact us directly we’d be happy to help them of course.

In the meantime, I suggest flagging any inappropriate posts so they can be handled by the site owners / staff, and used as evidence.