Users should have a way to appeal a suspension

Ok so I’ll explain here because the title prob isn’t long enough
Why isn’t there a button to appeal for a ban

There is, use the site contact info page at /about to send an email and ask for clemency.

Very, very few people ever apologize for their online behavior, so simply having the gumption to find the contact email and compose a written apology puts you several cuts above … most of the internet.


Also, if you didn’t commit a hard transgression, you will probably be Silenced first, which allows you to reply to the PM telling you are silenced (which should come from staff).


@codinghorror @Falco: I might be wrong, but I feel this topic is meant to be about giving user an option to temporarily suspend their account.

No it clearly says:

You can appeal a decision, like a ban, you wouldn’t appeal to be banned.

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Maybe @Tueflisch can clarify?

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