Creating Multiple Drafts For Publishing Later

(charles) #1

Sometimes during commute, there are some things that can be put together quickly along with images, so ideally, everything can be created within discourse and save to draft. When trying to create another topic, only the previous one is shown.

Since there isn’t a draft feature (like wordpress posts) that can be used to start multiple topics (ideas + images + formatting) and prepare it for publishing, any tips and how to handle this?

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(Steve Combs) #2

You could set up a “Draft Topics” private category. Then move the topic to the public category when ready.

Moving a topic to a new category won’t generate an email/notification for users watching/tracking that category, so you would want to copy/paste the content if you want to trigger an email/notification. (I believe this is correct but you can test it.)

(Penar Musaraj) #3

Another “hacky” way to do it would be to create a low-trust account (TL0), post the new topic from that account and then approve it from an admin or moderator account at a later time.

(Kane York) #4

Write a private message to yourself

(charles) #5

Thanks for all the suggestions! Will give them a try.

@riking Never thought to private message. Will I be able to then just publish as a regular post or will I need to cut and paste into a new post?