Separate New Topic Drafts For Each Category

I can’t create a new topic in another category if I haven’t finished my draft in a category. For instance, I’m working on a long post in X category and wanted to take a break to continue after. In this case I am not able to create another topic in Y category.


There can only be one new topic draft at a given time. There can be multiple new reply drafts though.

As a staff member, to get around the issue of only being able to have one new topic draft, you could try using shared drafts. The intention behind shared drafts is to allow multiple staff members to work on a topic before it is published, but shared drafts can also be used by an individual staff member to create a topic over a long period of time.

When a shared draft is published, its timestamp will be updated and the edit history of its first post will be removed.


Non-staff can workaround this by sending themselves direct messages


I’ve solved that by saving a draft in a category that most people can’t see.


I know shared drafts, thanks. Why there can only be one new topic draft at a given time? It would be better if each draft work independently.


@mcwumbly @pfaffman Thanks for suggestions.

Edit: Those are not direct solutions :thinking: