Creating User Profile Page

My community is a private group with people joining all over the world. I’d like them to have a way of getting to know each other a little better by browsing others user profiles. Does anyone know of a plugin or ways to customize the user page (/u) to achieve this so many profiles can be visible from one page.

Alternatively, if a profile modal could open when mousing over a name for example, that would be interesting too. Any ideas welcome.


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Have you seen the user directory? Does it not solve this problem?

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Yes, I know this page and it’s not far off from what I’m looking for. Can that be edited to show things about the user like company, title, bio, etc?

The easiest thing you can do is to create user fields that will be displayed in the Sign Up modal and enable them on user cards and public profile. Users already registered will find the new fields to fill in their profiles.

When a user wants to know something about another user, all he has to do is click on the user’s avatar.