Customize Group Profile

Is there some way to go about adding additional fields to a Group Profile? This way you could add additional meta data about the group (e.g. Description, Image, or external URL)?

I was looking at the settings for Badges, and these nearly have all the fields I would want for a Group. So now I’m starting to wonder, maybe what I’m trying to accomplish should be best done through the Badge system. Is there a dedicated page for each Badge?


Yes, there is a dedicated page for each badge and we plan to improve these pages a bit soon, so your instincts are right here.

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Ok, very good.

On my site the users are part of local clubs ( in their state ). I want to add their clubs to the site, so the users can be added to them. I was initially thinking this would be best handled by Groups, but are you suggesting this may be better handled by Badges?

Groups are maybe more intended for backend admin’ing?

Groups are about visibility permissions. Is that what you want to achieve?

I was trying to find a way to publicly group users. I think I’m just misinterpreting the word group in this context.

Thanks for the clarity.

On a lot of other forums, it’s common for a user to claim being a part of a particular group. This is more in the sense of being a part of a particular clan or club, not necessarily for an administrating visibility permissions.

Is there any way to go about accomplishing this on Discourse? I’ve been trying to accomplish it with either the Group feature or Badge feature, but both don’t really seem suited for this.

For instance, it would be nice if you could add custom fields to groups, similar to how you can for User Profiles. Might be useful to be able to add a description to a group, or even an image field for logos.

Also, I don’t see any way for a user to request to become part of a group. I do see that I can go in as an Admin and manually determine who should be part of which groups, but I don’t think that would scale very well.


Note that group owners can control membership to groups, so select a group owner, and then publicize the fact that the group owner can be PM’ed or emailed to join, or similar.

I agree, it would be helpful to have this info on the group page itself as a sort of “About Me” field for the group that the owner could also fill out.