CSS issue: Topic header and post editor buttons getting off screen

After this upgrade, the topic header started going off screen when I scroll topic content down.
Same for post editor being partially off screen unless I scroll up.

Android 9 Kiwi browser.

Do you know what could have happened?
It looks like a CSS issue.
There is no problem here in meta.
Maybe a specific 3.1.0.beta2 bug?

In fact the whole site is slightly zoomed in.
But even if I zoom out fully, the described issues are still there (on MetaBrainz Discourse).

I tried with the default Light Theme.
At first it seemed fixed but no, same problems in topics.

Does the same happens on Chrome?

Can you record a video of the problem or even a screenshot?


Thank you @Falco.
Actually, the problem stopped for me, now!?

Some old CSS and/or JavaScript must have put some time to update in my browser cache!

I’ll say here if it comes back, but I don’t think so.

I forgot to paste my screenshots in OP!
I add them now, for the record.


Oh no, small zoom in still happens and also header and post edit buttons off screen. :thinking: And not on meta.

I will test with Chrome as soon as I have time and enough space to update the obsolete pre-installed version.

No problem on try either, apparently…

I have updated Chrome to latest version (109.0.5414.117).

The same problems still occur on MetaBrainz since upgrade from 2.8.14 to 3.1.0.beta2 and server change but still not on try and not here on meta:

  • slight zoom in
  • dynamic header and footer buttons go off screen when scrolling

See top and bottom of the header and buttons that go off screen.

See at the end, I zoom out fully.
Then things are more fixed but it shows that it’s some out, as the header is not going all the way to the right border.

Maybe the problem is that the header is narrower than the page background?

If it only occurs on that site and neither on try nor meta it means it’s a theme bug. Can you try reproducing it on that site while on Safe Mode ?

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Wow, great hidden feature!

Same problems in any topics when in MetaBrainz safe mode with all 3 things disabled.

Hello, I think the side overflow cause by the long tags on suggested topics. It pushes the date off screen.


Wow, it seems like you nailed it, @Don!

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Moving it to ux, nice catch @Don


Indeed, when by chance the suggested topics have no overlong tags, no problems:

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I’ve got a PR in the works that will allow tags to wrap under the category name, hoping this will solve the issue: