CSS label for timeline scroller?

On Desktop, I’m trying to change the color of the timeline scroller and the vertical line it rides along. Anyone know what these CSS labels are? I tried .timeline-container and .topic-timeline without success and can’t identify these by right-clicking the scroller to examine it through Chrome’s inspector.

Edit: while I have you, a related but far less important desire is to change the timeline date format to show the year (unless the post/comment is within my little six-day “relative date duration,” which I already have adjusted in setting). Thanks in advance!

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For the scroller/handle you’ll want

.timeline-container .topic-timeline .timeline-handle { 
  background: yellow;

and the line is

.timeline-container .topic-timeline .timeline-scrollarea {
  border-color: red;

one tip for inspecting elements… if you right click an element that’s close to what you’re looking for… you can hover or click on other elements until you see what you’re looking for get highlighted


Just what I needed!! Thank you so much Kris!! You taught me a new trick too! :cowboy_hat_face:. Much appreciated.