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I am new here and have recently discovered Discourse. First of all I want to say how amazing this forum software is. Lots of amazing features and seems to be really well thought out and built.

I do have one issue that I was needing help with. My community has lots of topics, but each topic usually has less than 10 replies. Is there anyway to remove the Date slider on the right? For my forum it is unnecessary as with just a few replies, the browser scrollbar will do the job and the additional date slider is just taking up space where a column could be for showing advertisements or other important info. Even looking at the forum here, seems most of the topics have just a few replies, so that functionality is not important. I do love the infinite scroll though. I wish there was a way to eliminate that extra slider to not give up so much valuable real estate.

Not a complaint, just my thoughts!

Thank you!

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Adding a custom CSS with:

.timeline-container {
    display: none;

should do it