CSS to hide the Posted and Seen columns in the group member page, take 3

Following up on this forum thread from February 2023:

As of 3.1.0.beta4, the custom CSS solution provided no longer works to hide the “Posted” and “Seen” columns from the group detail member lists.

It’s possible the Added, Posted, and Seen columns at https://[yourdiscourseforumurl].com/g/[YourGroupName] aren’t a table anymore and that’s why the previous tabled-based CSS no longer works.

But I’m not a coder, which is why I’m turning to you, oh wise Discourse Meta reader. :slight_smile:

How can I hide the Posted and Seen columns that are irrelevant in our community at best and, more likely, confusing to everyone who sees them?

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We don’t have great class names on that table at the moment, I’m going to add some and will follow-up with how to hide those columns once that’s merged in (hopefully that will be enough to avoid a take 4).


ok, so you’ll need to upgrade Discourse to get some class names added here: DEV: add class names to group directory table (#21393) · discourse/discourse@f705e6d · GitHub

but once that’s done you’ll be able to do this:

.group-members {
  grid-template-columns: 3fr minmax(min-content, 1fr);
  [class*="--last-seen"] {
    display: none;

You are fast and awesome, Kris. Thank you!