CTRL + F when site is under extreme load

Okay, so, this is less a bug and more an unanticipated side effect of a design choice. However, I wanted to log this as a potential issue.

When a site is overloaded, Search may be disabled. If this happens, CTRL + F disables a user’s ability to find a post within a thread they’ve loaded, even if they’ve already loaded a longer thread.

I realize that pressing CTRL + F a second time will default to browser search.

However, as a future consideration, consider disabling the CTRL + F capture if the site is under extreme load. It effectively does nothing and the double-tap of F is not intuitive as a solution.

It is tricky, extreme load can be very very transient. We do not expect sites to be in this state for long, if at all. Designing for this edge case is not easy cause we can not accurately predict search will be available or not when you type even if you were just under extreme load.

Maybe we can add the text

Type CTRL-F again to search within this page.

Or something like that.


That would be a good solution. I think our community is definitely pushing Discourse to its limits!