Current main appears not to build?

When attempting to run a local dev instance, I’m getting this after bin/ember-cli -u:

- building...
Build Error (TemplateCompiler) in raw-templates/badge-selector-autocomplete.hbr

ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/tmp/broccoli-155704EZeLMQlFLy1Y/out-0004-template_compiler/raw-templates/badge-selector-autocomplete.js

I could have somehow broken things locally, but this hasn’t occured before.

It’s expecting a js file to go along with an hbr file?! Why would it do that?

OK solved!

I was attempting to use latest version of node (20.x) as I’d been told 16.x was out of date.

when I switched back to lts/hydrogen (18.x) it built fine again.

Things clearly don’t work with node 20.x yet (for me!)

Lesson learnt. :mortar_board:


That’s good to know. I’ve been seeing this warning but ignoring it:

WARNING: Ember CLI v5.0.0 is not tested against Node v20.10.0. See "" to find out which version of Node is best to use.

I need Node v20.10.0 for another app that’s running concurrently on my local machine. Installing NVM seems to have resolved the issue:

~/discourse$ nvm use 18.18.2


Yeah nvm was far more straightforward to use on WSL2 than n which had all kinds of permission issues …


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