Custom Ads - Help!

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone could help me.

I’m wanting to place custom adverts on top of my forum. But, I don’t want to use google ads etc. I want them to be personal and custom ads, that I choose.

Is there a HTML code anyone has which will enable me to do this? or even something which will scroll through a range of adverts which I put on, instead of just having to manually change them after a set period of time.

In summary: I’m wanting a way to be able to place custom ads which people send me on my forum, without having to use google adsense etc. Is this possible and if so, how?

Any help is appreciated.


Did you try House Ads ?


I use these which has good mobile code

and you can also sign up for various affiliate marketing programs outside of google/amazon

for widgets etc


I’ve installed the ad plugin. Does anyone have a html template for adverts. Where I just need to enter the image link and destination url?


The link I posted above has them


I’m following those html code etc. Do I need to use both the html and css for the ad to show/work? If so, where do I post the css? and do I put the html in the creator where i create the ad?


The HTML will go in the editor that displays when you create a new House Ad. As for the CSS, the best approach is mentioned in the main topic:


Yes, the CSS directs when to show smaller ads on mobile devices, both are required

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