House Ads in the official Ad Plugin

No it isn’t, and it’s extremely basic… We just load up images for particular slots on our site based on an advertiser model with nested advertisements, where each advertisement has a type (string) like “Large Rectangle” that we can request from the slot. All our ads are sponsored so we have been able to keep things simple and do reporting with ahoy.

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Great. I am planning to use revive ad server


Dear Neil,

Any way we can change the sequence of the ads ?
The ads show under the first posts mandatory then we can change the number of after how many posts.
for example quora, the system shows ads after each first post then after 4 or 5 posts you see another ad banner.

Can we achieve this and how ?

There’s no way to do this currently with the ad plugin. It has been requested before, so maybe a checkbox setting to show an ad after the first post and then every N posts after that would make sense.


Why doesn’t the usual src javascript code work as house ad? Even adding content security policy does not help. What causes this problem ?

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Am I correct that the official ad plugin no longer offers the ‘House Ads’ option described?

Having installed the plugin, the settings available include additional ad source options not described in the GitHub installation instructions, but seems to now omit the option to make own ads.

It’s on the plugins tab.


Thank you! I seem to be very low down on the learning curve…

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It took me a while to find it too! It’s because it needs to have room for the interface to create the ads…


Any news on this? It’s been a while, but can’t seem to find an option for categories. Is this plugin still being maintained?

It’s an official plugin. It is maintained.

I solved the outer category problem by creating the ads with per category css tags and then his them from all categories except the one where it is desired. It’s a bit fiddly but it works.


That’s ghetto, but brilliant :slight_smile: would love to see an official per-category one, though. Some areas could be “premium” or some ads could have different types of targets per-category that would be more intuitive/relevant.


Can you explain your solution with an example? What html/css code did you use?

Ok, here is a solution if you want to show your House Ads only within specific categories.

Add this code to the CSS settings of your theme: a.between-posts-ad {
     display: none;  
     .category-_______ a.between-posts-ad {
     display: block; 

here .category-_______ add your category slug (you can find it in the category setting)


On my forums I run ads:

  • every n posts
  • at the bottom of the topic.

For topics that have a multiple of n posts, the ad is shown twice at the bottom of the topic, which looks a bit odd.

Would be nice if the plugin could avoid this?

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interesting question

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Can you give more context here? When you say multiple of n posts, what number? This will make it easier for us to replicate and then see if it can be resolved.

Hi @osioke and thanks for getting back to me.

For my forum, the settings look like this:

So, topics with 15 posts (or 30, 45, 60 etc) see two banners at the bottom.

That helps, but based on your settings

That is to be expected.

I can’t say this will be worked on, but as you have shared it here, it is definitely on our radar.

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Yes, I agree, this is definitely expected behaviour based on my settings.

It would just be nice to be able to tweak the behaviour slightly (ie suppress one of the banners in this scenario). Thanks for noting this new idea.