Private Ad server options for ads plugin?

I guess while I am here I might as well see ask this one too.

As I run my own ad server and sell ads direct I was a little bummed to see that there were no options for that in the discourse-adplugin. I need the ability to just insert a javascript call to a remote host, etc.

Has anyone run across any options like that? I assume if I try to insert that into the theme via HTML I am going to run into similar issues that I am with my other question regarding js in the footer?

The official discourse ads plugin has the house ads feature which helps you to place your own ads in your forum. Hope it will help.


Yeah I looked at that, but don’t have you to manually configure all the ad html in advance? My ads are dynamic and database driven, etc.

You can run Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) to display directly-sold ads.