Custom Advanced Search and Bulk Action

What would you like done?

We need some tools for managing a tag group which has become hard to maintain. We discuss deals that are either open, “evergreen”, or closed to new investments. So we have a Deal Status tag group with three tags:

Deal Status
• deal-is-open
• deal-is-evergreen
• deal-is-closed

Task 1

Adapt Advanced Search somehow to search for topics which do not have a tag from the Deal Status tag group. (I could write a Data Explorer query to simply find such topics, but we want to select topics and perform Bulk Actions, so this needs to be in Advanced Search.) I suppose a general boolean search would be elegant but a hard-coded button would be perfectly acceptable. Bonus points if the button is visible only to staff.

Task 2

Add a button to the Bulk Actions dialog to “Close Deal”. This button will add the deal-is-closed tag, and respect the tag group by removing any existing tags from that group. (We do not want to close the topic- just change the tag.)

I’m open to splitting the two tasks, so if you can help with one or the other, please PM me.

When do you need it done?

Next few weeks would be great.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Open to offers.


I can help with #2. I will contact you through email (I’ve worked on some of your projects IIRC).


Well, I’m Faizaan from Pavilion. PMing you regarding task #1 as its yet to be taken.


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