How to replace default avatars with some other avatars image

(Naveen Aggarwal) #1


In my installed discourse instance I want to
change default avatar with some other kind of avatar, can you tell me how can I
do that? I tried looking for setting in Admin section but could not find any
setting to change default letter based avatars to some image based avatars?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It is a per user setting:

  • gravatar
  • custom avatar
  • default local letters

We do have a long standing request to make those user settings a global default for all users that the site admin can set, but we haven’t gotten to it yet.

(Naveen Aggarwal) #3

Thanks @codinghorror,
Actually I want to change default local letters to some default images corresponding to each letters, please let me know how can I do that? so that whenever new user register he will get a image instead of letters

(Enoch Sears) #4

My users have set their avatars with gravatar, but they still have the default letter in Discourse (using the same email addresses). Why would this be?

(Enoch Sears) #5

Just figured it out. Under “Settings” -> “Login” uncheck “sso overrides avatar”. I’m using Wordpress for SSO:

Now my users can edit their avatar/profile picture on their preferences page.


Is this already implemented? I’d be really interested but I have not seen anything about it on meta.

(Régis Hanol) #7

@naggar & @dani14_96, you might find this new feature interesting :wink:

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