Custom CSS for removing view count bar

(Scott O) #1

Does anyone have the custom css for removing the view count bar?

I found it on the site, but the page has been removed


(Daniela) #2

What page do you refer to?

(Scott O) #3

Sorry, I mean the posts page - this page

I want to edit bar to remove the viewpoint, but leave everything else

(Daniela) #4

Sorry, I still do not know what bar you’re referring to. Can you make a screenshot please?


I think he is referring to this one

(Daniela) #6

If so, add it to the theme/desktop/CSS tab

.views.sortable.num, .num.views {
    display: none;

(Scott O) #7

(Scott O) #8

Also apologies for lack of clarity!

(Daniela) #9

It is not so simple…try this:

.topic-map .map li:nth-of-type(4) {
    display: none;