Removing topic summary underneath first post

I would like to remove this bar from displaying. Is there a way to do this?

Try to add in your admin panel > Html/Css this :

.topic-map section {    
          display: none;

and this for the button:

.topic-map .buttons {
        display: none;

Why do you want remove this element if I may ask? I think that it contains useful information for reading the topic.


I have this hidden on my Discourse as well. Too much visual clutter.

Yes I know, but your forum has a lot of customization, imho it is more like a blog and hide those elements makes sense.

Thank you so much! Yes, like the other user said, too much visual clutter. Trying to make it look more simple.

Not a blog at all - we have a wordpress for that.

We felt it formed a barrier between the OP and the rest of the conversation. The rest of Discourse is very clean and spare, because the conversation is the important thing. The info bar is just a splurge of icons and numbers. Feels out of place (and isn’t really all that useful. I came to the thread to read it, not learn its batting average or how many miles it gets to the gallon)


I agree with you for topic with few answers, but I use the button “summarize this topic” many times when there are many answers, especially if the topic is old and I read all the replies since the beginning and I have only to refresh my memory.
It is a question of habit I guess :sweat_smile:

Just a reminder that the topic summary is only expanded on topics with > 50 replies. So hiding it “everywhere” is only hiding it on topics with > 50 replies.

Absolutely, but we have also funny categories, so the replies are about one line per post…quick to read after all.

For serious, long threads the “summarize topic” is more than welcome.