Footer at bottom of automated emails?

Hi there,

At the bottom of the automated Discourse emails that get sent to users (such as the automated emails that get sent to users when they are subscribed to a thread), is there a way for me to add a “footer” at the bottom of the emails?

This “footer” would just be a single line of text that says who the sponsor of the forum is. So it would be like a “one-line text advertisement” at the bottom of the automated emails.

I went into “Admin > Customize > Email Style”, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Any thoughts on the best way to accomplish this?


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I think this should help: Customize and style the Discourse outer email template

You’d likely want to add your footer content here:


Thanks, @awesomerobot!

That was actually exactly where I added my text before posting to these forums, but it came in all weirdly formatted. It was a completely different font & size than the rest of the text, and it was pushed up against the left margin with no spacing between it and the next (auto-generated) line provided by Discourse.

Do you have any idea how to format the text properly on that line?