Custom email for application pending use-case

The site I admin (here) has a rather unusual sign‑on policy. We screen absolutely everyone and then start new users at trust level TL2. That screening often takes place via personal email traffic completely unconnected with the site. And the details of those processes are not relevant here.

What is missing (if I am not mistaken) though is an automatic email for the “Application pending” use‑case. This would be dispatched directly after consenting to the terms of the site and submitting the application. For the record, here is what a pending application looks like for an administrator:

But problems can arises when a new user expects to apply, sign‑on, and start editing without screening. Indeed we have had one request for a notification email as described to remove that particular source of confusion.

Can I program this missing boilerplate email or do I have to wait for it to be developed and added to the mainline? Or is there some other solution perhaps? TIA, R

Follow up: I am told that those signing up for sites that require approval will see this message box:

“Thanks for signing up. We will notify you when your account has been approved.”

And then, if they attempt to log in before approval, will see:

“Your account has not been approved by a staff member yet. You will be sent an email when it is approved.”

Apparently both texts can be customized at:

  • Admin → Customize → Text

Although I could not locate those particular configurations on the discourse instance I admin. Are they perhaps located somewhere else in the admin hierarchy? If someone can point out where, that would be a great help. R

If you search for a snippet of the message in the customise text search box it usually brings up the one you want. :+1:

Those ones appear to be login.wait_approval and js.login.awaiting_approval