Not getting notification emails when users sign up (pending approval)

I just made my discourse server live. All new users require admin approval.
That’s working fine. I can approve users no problem.

On the site, i see a little red dot near the hamburger letting me know there is a pending approval i need to make.

The problem is, i’m not receiving emails from the system alerting me of this.
I like to be very quick to approve people, but how will i know if i dont check the site every few minutes to see if they are pending.

How do i enable the email notifications for pending user approvals?


Have you checked this setting?



I guess (?) you can also check sidekiq ( for more accurate e-mail troubleshooting. uwu

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I’ll change that to zero and see what happens thanks!

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Zero isn’t a valid setting…


yah that didn’t work.
so the minimum is an hour?
no way to get instant notifications when users need approvals?