Emailed administrator notification - new users awaiting approval

Hi, I assume there must be a way as an administrator to receive an e-mailed notification when a new user has signed up and needs account approval?
If there is, I can’t seem to find any info on the necessary settings by searching directly.

I get standard emailed notifications like any user (so e-mail is working), but don’t seem to get anything related to administration - can anyone advise how this is enabled?

There is a notification that is sent about users who need to be approved, but the notification is only sent to moderators, it is not sent to admins. If you are an admin and would like to receive these notifications, you should grant yourself moderation status.

The frequency that the pending user notifications are sent at is set by the pending users reminder delay site setting.


Thanks Simon

I checked and am a moderator as well as administrator, and the pending users reminder delay site setting was at 8 hours - but I have yet to receive an emailed notification, despite finding some users had been waiting a couple of days before I happened to log in and check. I have just adjusted the setting to 2 hours to see if that triggers any sort of response.

Could the issue be related to having my user account with the forum set in mail list mode?

Mailing list mode should not prevent the pending users notification from being sent. Are you getting the notification now for new users who are signing up on your site?

Thanks Simon - sadly there have not been any new signups for a while, but will report back next time one appears.

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This issue seems to have resolved itself, but now I am seeing the opposite problem - am now getting sporadic notifications about new users awaiting approval, but when I log in to review, the queue is either empty, or has one less new user than the notification suggested.

Do you know if other moderators on your site have been approving the users? If that is the case, you should be able to see the approved users by filtering for Approved flags of the User type from the review queue:

The results that are returned will show you which staff member has approved the user.

If you are seeing the indicator that you have items to review, but there are no review items in the queue, you might be running into a bug that was preventing the review counter from updating when items had been handled by another staff member. I think that issue has been resolved in the latest version of Discourse. I’m not running into it any more on Meta.

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Hi Simon.

In this case I am the only moderator, so perhaps that does suggest a bug?

Not a serious one, but a bit frustrating when taking time out of day to log in and follow up only to find an empty queue.

Is there any scenario where a new signup can be automatically rejected (maybe from a known bad IP) or e.g. fails to complete all mandatory fields (e.g. I am using the plugin, and have set most of the extra fields added by this plugin as mandatory, as a way to screen out those not in my target audience), but somehow this abortive signup attempt gets added to the reported queue length anyway?

I presume these reports are likely associated with an attempt to sign up, because I don’t get them constantly – maybe just every few days.

Sorry for the delayed reply. It seems likely that the issues you are running into are related to the multiselect-user-field plugin. It’s not clear to me how that plugin interacts with the review queue. The plugin’s authors might have some details about that.

Thanks Simon. What I have noticed is that the issue was not present, even with the plug in active, up until maybe 2-3 months ago.

Wondering if that corresponds to an update of either the plug-in or Discourse itself.