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It makes unified how the embedded replies handle on the desktop and mobile view.



Change Replies button text to show only the count on desktop view.
Go to admin/customize/site_texts and search for delete Reply delete Replies

There is a theme setting where you can translate the Jump to post button.

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 19.26.51


This is very nice, I think it’s worth considering as the default. Better than the existing boxes in my opinion.


Agreed. If I can nitpick: I’d make the line align left of the reply dropdown to gain some extra space (mainly on mobile).

For sure an improvement over the boxes :heart:


Hello. I have installed this theme component a long time ago.
But just comparing it I realized that I don’t have buttons for “share”, “flag” and “reply”. I only have “Jump to post” button. Can you tell me how to set it up?

Hi @wenqin :wave: Maybe you need to conifigure the admin-settings-post menu and share links settings?

but unless I am misunderstanding you, it looks like you have them already


Oh those look like a screen photo of the footer buttons being used in a post on @Don’s test forum in theme creator. I don’t believe those are real buttons below the replies. They are for a sample post here:

If you scroll up to the OP and look at the replies, you will see how it is embedded.

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thanks.I can’t believe it’s not a real button. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

I personally don’t use quora. but I really like quora like this. You can continue to reply to what others have replied to. And all the replies are displayed below the original one. Do we have any plugin that can implement such a reply feature?

The only thing I can think of with similar embeded replies within replies is the Discourse Journal plugin by Pavilion. It allows selecting a Journal topic which then allows embedded comments on replies that have their own pseudo-timelines.