Custom footer disappears in group -> activity -> topics

I am not sure if this behavior is intentional or not.


  1. Have a custom footer in your Discourse (mine is defined in my theme /common/footer.html)
  2. Have a group in your Discourse

Repro steps:

  1. Click on the “hamburger menu” and go to “groups”
  2. Select a group
  3. Click “Activity” in the nav pills menu
  4. Click “Topics” in the stacked nav menu
    observe that when you scroll to the bottom (or inspect the DOM) the custom footer isn’t there.

Expected Behavior:
The custom footer shows on all pages

This felt like an issue in my development environment of Discourse. However, when I was testing it on Discourse Meta it made me realize that maybe the footer was intentionally not added to this page. Possibly due to the infinite scrolling?

I just thought that I’d raise this just in case.


Turns out there were 2 bugs

  • infinite loading on group activity posts and mentions pages were broken
  • footer wasn’t handled on most of the groups pages (let me know if I missed one)

Both are now fixed :melon: