Custom footer disappear on some pages

Similarly to those closed discussions:

Have a custom footer in your Discourse (Create a new Theme from the editor with custom HTML and CSS)

Expected result:
Footer shown in all non Admin pages

Current situation:
Footer is not shown in:

  • /account-created page
  • Invites (all tabs)
  • Activity (solved tab)
  • Groups
  • Cakeday
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Also, is it possible to add our custom footer to the Login or Sign-up pages?

I have found a workaround for my 2nd question by using the “Easy Footer” component and added it to my theme (in order to use the “Show footer on login required page” option). Then I hide it with CSS via the local theme editor.

I still did not find a solution for my 1st request (It applies to Admin pages where it is not possible to add a custom footer).