Custom Layouts Plugin

I’ve updated the locations plugin to add support for Layouts 0.2 :+1:

If you have both plugins installed you’ll see a “Map” widget in the layout widget list.


Thanks Angus. That works great!

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I love the customization provided with this plugin. The question I have, is what might be the best way to attack changing the show/hide icon? Personally, I’m using this to show/hide an instance of embedded Rocket Chat I’m hosting. So, naturally I’d like to make the icon match better than the +/- currently used.

I’ve altered the sidebar aesthetics a bit to fit, but wasn’t sure if changing those icons was possible without something more invasive than just straight up CSS.

Thanks for the Awesome plugin!

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Any way to default the sidebar to closed?

Sorry for the slow reply

This one is simple enough, that I’ve made a setting for it

Likewise :slight_smile: