Custom OG/Twitter Metadata Image per Category


(Pat David) #1


I run an instance that caters to various Free Software photography projects. I’ve created specific categories for each project to use as their own.

I am thinking it might be nice, from a social outreach perspective, to allow them to specify metadata images for each individual category.

For instance, the RawTherapee project has a category here: RawTherapee -

I occasionally post to twitter/facebook/google+ about posts from that category. Right now, the social platform picks up the default opengraph image url and twitter summary large image url values and shows the images correctly. But they’re site-wide.

I know that the projects would love to be able to control this branding themselves possibly. Perhaps as another image option on the category settings? Maybe as a “Category Metadata Image”?

(Pat David) #2

Please note, I’m happy to try hacking this together if someone wanted to point me to the roughly relevant areas?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I believe someone named @erlend_sh was looking for “starter issues” :wink:

Since this is metadata based it is a bit easier than most.

(Pat David) #4

Wondering if there was anyone hacking at this or if so, any progress? :smiley:

(stefan) #5

Hello, I got invited to this topic.

Seem interesting and would be nice to take a stab at this but I already got a few on my plate and I’ve been kinda busy lately.

If this is needed urgently then someone else can take it over :smile: otherwise I can take a look once I start progressing on my backlog :sweat_smile:


(Ronaq) #6

Hello everyone,

I would like to take this. As I am a new to discourse so I will be needing help in understanding the project and hacking on this.

Thanks. :slight_smile: